Follow-up to 'Dig For Anarchy' going well

I started the follow-up to 'Dig' back in January and I'm almost at the halfway point. The next book in the 'Gardiner's World' series is tentatively entitled 'Man & Boy: Seeding the Revolution'.


It's a chronicle of Tom's early life, which goes some way to explaining just why he's such an angry man in 'Dig'.


I'm hoping to have it finished by June.


For those interested in 'Dig' it's currently in the giveaways section here and you can read the first 20% of it for free at Smashwords or a little less at Amazon. I'd love people to give me an honest review of it... why not enter to get your free copy? Go to to have a chance!


I've also just released 'Dig' as an actual print book via CreateSpace and it's now just appeared on Amazon. It's a great service, I think...