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Need help - please review my books

After I've given away several copies of both of my books, I's really appreciate a review. Please review them here on Booklikes, over at Smashwords, on Amazon or now that they are in Print, over at CreateSpace




Dig For Anarchy: https://www.createspace.com/Preview/1144594 -

Man And Boy: https://www.createspace.com/Preview/1157024 -


For Amazon reviews:


Dig For Anarchy: http://www.amazon.co.uk/Anarchy-Cultivating-Revolution-Gardiners-World-ebook/dp/B00H1AK4G2/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1413130659&sr=8-2&keywords=vincent+geddes


Man And Boy: http://www.amazon.co.uk/Man-Boy-Seeding-Revolution-Gardiners-ebook/dp/B00KLAB91S/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1413130659&sr=8-1&keywords=vincent+geddes





Dig For Anarchy: http://www.smashwords.com/books/view/413531

Man And Boy: http://www.smashwords.com/books/view/443179


If you haven't read them, you can get a healthy preview over at Smashwords or Amazon Kindle.


Thank you in advance!


Dig For Anarchy giveaway finished

Thanks to all who entered the giveaway - much appreciated and had a hard time decided which 5 of the 30 had to receive a copy... for those who missed out, you can download for free the first 100 pages anyway at Smashwords or indeed Amazon.

Reading progress update: I've read 48%.

Horrorscape - Nenia Campbell

Man and Boy Giveaway doing rather well!

I must say that I am astounded to see so many people interested in reading my second 'Gardiner's World' novel. If you haven't seen the giveaway, it's here: http://booklikes.com/giveaways/show/669/man-and-boy-seeding-the-revolution-gardiner-s-world-vincent-geddes.


I've put a longer period of time on the Giveaway this time compared to 'Dig For Anarchy'.


If you want to read the first 20% or so for free, head on over to Smashwords or Amazon and read the samples that are available.


I'd love to have people do reviews of the book - I'm keen to see just how my work is regarded.


Thanks again to those who have taken the time to enter the Giveaway.

Man and Boy now available!

Man and Boy - the second novel in the Gardiner's World series -  is now available. I have 5 copies up for grabs in the giveaways too!

Man and Boy - almost ready for publication

I have completed the novel, got it under proof reading and have a front cover prepared by punk artist extraordinaire 'Skinny'. Once the back cover is prepared, then the novel will be released.


I am currently starting my next project - a departure from 'family fiction' - concentrating on a more sci-fi story... watch this space!

Gardiner's World 2: Man And Boy draft completed!

I've literally just finished off my draft of 'Man and Boy: Seeding the Revolution'. It's the second book in the Gardiner's World series and a follow-up to 'Dig For Anarchy!'


I'm now in the process of proof-reading and having my book's cover created using an artist who has many connection in the world that I created for my protagonist Tom Gardiner. Hopefully it'll be rather special.


Watch this space!

Giveaway not honoured?

I entered the Giveaway for 'The DIY Guide to Social Media Marketing and eBook Publishing' by Bentpinepublicity (http://bentpinepublicity.booklikes.com/) and although I won and was informed that the e-book was sent to me, I have no email confirming this... and it appears to be impossible to contact 'bentpine'.


Have I been phished, or am I simply waiting for too long for the ebook to appear???


Having a blast writing part 3 of 'Man and Boy'

Part 3 of my latest book 'Man & Boy' is going well - now that Tom is all grown up, there is so much more room to manoeuvre. He's an angry fella, randy sod too. However, this is not an erotica book. It's all done in the best possible taste.


I'm over the halfway point of this final part now. I'm building up to that event that is detailed in the first book's opening chapter. To find out more search for 'Dig For Anarchy' either here or in Amazon or Smashwords. You get 100 pages for free to read at Smashwords though...

'Dig' Book 2 - Man and Boy - 75% complete

I'm now almost halfway through the third and final part of my second book about the anarcho-punk Tom Gardiner. The story of his life from a young infant up to him becoming a young man will take you on a journey through his eyes and how he sees the world.


The book will be published on Smashwords as well as Amazon. A paperback version of the new book will be available later on.


I plan to complete the book by end of June. I'd like a cover artist to make a good cover for me, so if anyone knows one, please let me know.

'Dig For Anarchy!' giveaway finished

The giveaway I had for 'Dig For Anarchy! Cultivating a Revolution' has finished and the Smashwords copies have been sent out to the ten lucky winners.


I thank you all for your interest - I was very surprised at the response and I hope those who were lucky to win a copy enjoy it.


If you're wondering what the book's all about, you can download around 100 pages for free over at Smashwords. In brief, it's all about an old anarcho-punk who after being made redundant grabs a chance at maintaining an allotment , which becomes the target of council cutbacks. So he plans to resist the closure with the help of his allotment friends. He's also got some issues in his own life that he has to face up to, including uncovering just who is behind the allotment closure which brings out an old ghost from his past.


Have fun reading it, those who got their free copies.


Man and Boy - part 2 of 3 completed

Work on 'Man and Boy - Seeding The Revolution' is going well. I've just completed the second part of three - 'The Youth'. With 'The Boy' already in proof reading and 'The Man' to go, I'm looking forward to releasing this sometime in Q2!


Only 5 days left in the Giveaways to go for a free copy of the first book 'Dig For Anarchy!'...


Fangs are back to what they used to be...


As an ardent Hammer Horror movie fan and quite fond of partaking of the Anne Rice & Brian Lumley viewpoints of how vampires (or wamphyri) should be, I found Nael Roberts' take on the genre refreshing.


Whilst I admit that I haven't read Twilight or any of the myriad clones, the whole re-boot of the vampire saga into a teen-friendly sex 'n' blood yawn left me bemused.


I like my vampire stories to be 'old-school', I'm afraid. If they're not skulking around at night chomping on whichever unfortunate girlie happens to be their target, crying 'woe-is-me' about how difficult 'life' is for the long-toothed fraternity (hello Mrs Rice), or indeed if they're not vile loathsome creatures who think of humans as simply walking slabs of meat (hello Mr Lumley), then honestly I'm not that fussed.


So, when LOTV landed on my Kindle app I thought that this might be a touch different, harking back to those halcyon days when vampires really didn't give a stuff about us mere mortals.


The tale revolves around a reporter, Ann-Marie, who by victim of fate is given the gift of being a 'Communicator'. Quite what that entails unfolds throughout the story. Her 'normal' life is interrupted by a pair of vampires - twins nonetheless - which we believe to be from a 'Tribe' of vampires hiding out from human sight for fear of extermination.


As the tale unfolds we see that Mica - the female twin (pronounced 'Meesha' as in Mica Paris) is the goody-two-shoes of the pair, with Christian taking on the more evil role. The novel follows Ann-Marie's struggle to come to terms with her new powers, vampire friends and foes and how her life must now change forever.


LOTV paints an extraordinary amount of detail into both the scenary as well as the characters that are set up for this - the first of three novels so far - and the language contained within is hardly what one would call simplistic. I found myself almost reaching for the dictionary on occasions. These vampires certainly have had time to bone up on some very interesting words indeed!


An example of the kind of descriptions Roberts paints:

The descriptive narrative is exceptional in places. For me, the part where Mica's son looks upon the Sun for the first - and last - time is quite remarkable. The sheer joy of seeing outside of the caves where the vampires are holed-up in and the jubilation turning to agony as his body is torched to cinders is pretty dramatic stuff. You easily sympathise with Mica when she discovers what has happened and feel anger when you know the culprit behind the incident later...

(show spoiler)


Reading through LOTV, it's obvious that Roberts is a fan of all vampire novels, including Rice and Lumley, but there's a dash of good old Stoker in there for good measure.


In terms of who is on who's side? All I'll say is that the vampires have had a long time to practice being deceitful - take everything that is said with a barrel of salt!


A fine starting point to what seems like a gripping set of Communicator/Vampire Chronicles!


Follow-up to 'Dig For Anarchy' going well

I started the follow-up to 'Dig' back in January and I'm almost at the halfway point. The next book in the 'Gardiner's World' series is tentatively entitled 'Man & Boy: Seeding the Revolution'.


It's a chronicle of Tom's early life, which goes some way to explaining just why he's such an angry man in 'Dig'.


I'm hoping to have it finished by June.


For those interested in 'Dig' it's currently in the giveaways section here and you can read the first 20% of it for free at Smashwords or a little less at Amazon. I'd love people to give me an honest review of it... why not enter to get your free copy? Go to http://booklikes.com/giveaways/show/389/dig-for-anarchy-cultivating-a-revolution-gardiner-s-world-vincent-geddes to have a chance!


I've also just released 'Dig' as an actual print book via CreateSpace and it's now just appeared on Amazon. It's a great service, I think...

Gardiner's World Book 1 up for grabs

I've put up 10 copies of 'Dig For Anarchy!'  in the Giveaways section. Good luck to those who enter and I humbly await your reviews and thoughts on what was my first novel.


I am currently writing the second book in the 'Gardiner's World' series, delving into the younger Tom as he developed from the boy to the man and how his outlook on life was forged.


If you want to read 'Dig For Anarchy' before the Giveaway promotion ends, then it's currently on offer over at Amazon right now for half price until 27th February. You can also look inside the book over there and read up the first 50 or so pages to whet your appetite!